How a Biotechnology Entrepreneur is Helping Companies and People

Entrepreneurs have a vision of the future and how it can be better by making improvements in goods, services, and operations. When an investor and innovator provides funds and ideas, meaningful changes occur in the way business functions. Discover how a biotechnology entrepreneur is using his experiences to help companies and people.

The Beginning of a Meaningful Career

Jim Plante attended Southern Illinois University and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, he spent a decade and a half working as a successful tech entrepreneur and investor. His focus was on the technology and biotechnology industries.

Early Success

At the age of 30, Plante played a major role in the acquisition of Beltronics. The company was renowned as a leading provider of millimeter wave radar safety systems. During his position as interim president, Plante helped Beltronics launch a cutting-edge product line that put the company back into a profitable position within just one year.

Ongoing Victories

As the co-founder and CEO of E-Band Communications, Plante launched an innovative product replacement in the wireless infrastructure and fiber optic industry. Then in 2004, he founded SmartDrive Systems and became CEO. The company is responsible for a SAAS commercial vehicle safety program and grew to more than 400 employees.

Motivation to Make Genetic Testing Accessible

Over 30 years ago, Plante was motivated to make genetic testing more accessible when he found out his father had polycystic kidney disease, a genetic disorder. At that time, testing for the disorder was not common, and the condition caused kidney failure in Plante’s dad. When Plante found he had the disease and would need a kidney transplant, we wanted to help others gain access to affordable genetic testing.

Making the Dream a Reality

As founder and CEO of Pathway Genomics (2008 – 2017), Plante made his dream of making genetic info more accessible a global reality. As chairman of the company’s Board of Directors, state-of-the-art testing was developed and continued to advance today. The advancements benefit people by helping prevent disease and giving doctors information to create personalized treatment plans.

Plante is also the founder of the Foundation for Kidney Transplant Research and encourages innovation in the healthcare industry through Thynk Capital. He is the found of Klotho Treatments, focused on treatments for major diseases, including kidney disease. And Plante was appointed a member of the International Trade Advisory Committee by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.